Why Buy A Star Log Cabin:

  • Unlike a camper or park model that looses value every year, a Real Log Cabin holds its value and will increased the value of your property.


  •  Log Cabins are low maintenance with all metal roof systems and fully treated floors.


  • Log cabins enhance the beauty of your property, create atmosphere and ambiance  to your outdoor and indoor environments as only a real Log Cabin can do.


  • Log cabins are Eco Friendly all natural white pine logs  are free of adhesives, plastic, glue fumes and other toxic materials for a  healthy living environment for you your family and pets.


  • Full log cabins are rodent free with no wall and floor cavities for mice and other critters to nest in and  have open vaulted ceilings to keep squirrels, mice, birds and bats from sharing the cabin with you.


  • Full log cabins hold up to hot and cold weather changes better than stick built structures. Paneling and drywall have tendencies to warp and crack under hot and cold temperature changes unlike full pine log structures. A log cabin can be shut down over the winter months and not effect the log structure.


  • Not all weekends at the property are going to have perfect weather. Star Log Cabins are a great place to hang out on those not so perfect days. Enjoy warming up with a cup of coffee or tea by the wood stove and making memories playing cards or board games with friends and family or catching some needed rest as the rain softly hits the metal roof  as you doze off in a deep sleep.
  • Star Log Cabins delivers fully built  cabin to your property ready to use.


  • Cabins can be ordered with interior walls, storage lofts and many other options.


  • Built on pressure treated skids no basement is needed with three foundation options, compact gravel, concrete slab or 6×6 post w/ concrete cookies.

Base Cabin Pricing Includes:

All Metal Roof and Soffit 

Full Log Construction

One 36″ Rustic Wood Entry Door with Latch

Fully Treated Floor System on Skids

One large egress Window

Vaulted Ceiling

Electric Option– Star Log Cabins can Pre-drill electric holes in logs.  We do not install electric, plumbing or kitchen and bathroom fixtures, this would need to be done after cabin is delivered to your property.



10 FOOT WIDE CABINS (12′ wide with overhangs) BASE PRICE
10′ X 20′ $19,350.00
10′ X 22′ $20,130.00
10′ X 24′ $20,910.00
10′ X 26′ $21,690.00
12 FOOT WIDE CABINS (14′ wide with Overhangs) BASE PRICE
12′ X 20′ $20,550.00
12′ X 22′ $21,330.00
12′ X 24′ $22,110.00
12′ X 28′      –  Best Seller – 


Call Carrie for more details at 608-487-0087


Large 5′ Overhang on 10′ or 12′ End of Cabin

Covered Porch on 24′ cabin or smaller.

8′ Storage Loft with Railing and Ladder

Finished Pine Floor

Insulated Floor and Ceiling

Wood Pine Tree Shutters

Exterior Stain

Log Chinking

Interior Walls

Many Doors Sizes and Styles

Many Window Sizes 

Pre Drilled Electric Holes in Logs




 You must make an appointment if you would like to go inside a cabin, call Carrie for more information on pricing or to set up an appointment: Call: 608-487-0087.

Knotty Pine Floor in 28′ Cabin
24′ Log Cabins with 6′ Porches, Dark Stain, Burnished Slate Metal Roofs

28′ Log Cabin with Steel Entry Door with window on 12′ Side



Alpine Starburst End Crown

28′ Cabin with Overhang


24′ with 6′ Covered Porch

24′ cabin sitting on hard packed gravel pad

28′ with our Dark Exterior Stain and Green Metal Roof

28′ with Lite Stain and Green Metal Roof, Pine Tree Shutters

28′ Log Cabin with Lite Stain and Burnished Slate Metal Roof. Windows are 24/36 and one loft window

24′ Log Cabin with 6′ Covered Porch. Total length of cabin with covered porch is 24′

28′ Cabin with custom windows, lite stain, burnished slate metal roof.


This 28′ cabin has a 6′ loft with loft railing. This picture shows the loft ladder hanging on the wall for storing out of the way when not in use. This cabin also shows what the standard floor looks like.


Loft window with screen

28 Cabin with Green metal roof, lite stain, shutters, white entry door with window.

Covered drip edge and overhang for maintenance free roof

28 Cabin with Exterior Stain and Log Chinking

Loft with ladder and railing. Railing is screwed in place so it can be easily taken down if you need to place something large in loft then re installed. All ladders have wall fasteners if you would like to store ladder on wall when not in use.

All Cabins are built at our facility then delivered to your property ready to use.  We have special equipment designed just to move log cabins.


28 foot Cabin being moved to lot using the Mule lift machine. This cabin had two entry doors one on the 12′ side and also one on the 28′ side

28 foot cabin being delivered to site using Mule lift machine – can be maneuvered in tight areas. Make sure you measure your entry into your property

28 foot Cabin set up on blocks

24′ Log Cabin with 6′ porch with our dark stain and a burnished slate metal roof.


This is the standard floor the cabin will come with. You can upgrade to a  pine floor for an additional fee.


Pine finished floor


Cabin with loft and standard unfinished floor

Back side of 28 foot Cabin

end view of 12 wide cabin with pine tree shutters and loft windows

Back side of 24 foot Cabin with Burnished Slate metal roof, lite stain  and 24/36 brown windows

Log Beams

Hunting Paradise!
36″ Rustic Wood Entry Door with Latch – this is the standard door included with cabin.
36″ Rustic Screen Door with latch – this is an option.
36′ Brown Steel Entry Door With Window and Keyed Lock – This is an upgraded door
24′ Log Cabin with 6′ Covered Porch – This is a Campground favorite
Loft with no railing or ladder and a knotty pine floor
New 28′ cabin with Burnished Slate roof and Light Stain
Interior room under loft.
Back side of 28 foot cabin with Green Metal Roof
Whooo!!! Just Made it! Who forgot to measure the gate…
Unloaded and ready to take up the mountain
Made it to the top and the sun shined down and kissed the beautiful new cabin on top of the mountain
24′ Cabin with 6′ Porch sitting on concrete foundation
24′ Cabin with 4′ covered porch sitting on concrete foundation