Campground Cabins


Campground cabins can be ordered  at  eight, ten, twelve and fourteen feet wide and up to thirty two feet long.


End Porch

Log Siding

Pine Siding

Pine Railing

Log Railing

Steel Entry Door with window and keyed lock

Double Wood Doors

Four – six or eight foot storage lofts

Loft ladders

Windows in white or brown

Upgraded Crestlin or Jeldwen windows in white or Brown

Built in bunk beds

Built in couch base

Access Ramp

Work Bench

Rustic Screen Door

Exterior Stain or Paint


Metal Roof

Interior Beams

Interior roughed in walls

Insulated ceilings and walls

Knotty pine car side walls and ceilings

Call for Pricing: 608-487-0087

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Custom Log Cabins Minnesota