Teds Sheds

Campground Cabins


10 x 16     –     10 x 20     –     10 x 22

12 x 16      –     12 x 20     –     12 x 22

Cabins can be ordered as open shells with unfinished interiors or finished interior with toilet and sink.

Four and Six foot covered porches available

Four, Six and Eight foot Lofts available

These Cabins are built to the Wisconsin Campground Codes and are intended for the use of Campgrounds – anyone purchasing a Campground Cabin for there personal properly will need to check there zoning compliance.

Call for Pricing: 608-487-0087

New on Lot: 12 x 24 with log siding, electric, insulation, pine interior, metal roof, 6′ covered porch. On Sale for $19,510

Other styles:




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