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Own your own shed for  about what you are paying for a off site storage unit and have your things close and convenient all the time

Repo Units:


This unit is in like new condition   12 x 18 High Side barn with 6′ covered porch, 6 windows, steel entry door with built in screen, rustic screen door, metal roof, custom paint, starburst porch , shutters. List price $7,035 Repo Price: $5,575  NEW MARKDOWN $5,450

10 x 18 Ranch Shed with Log Siding, covered porch,with railing metal roof, 5′ side entry door, windows and front rustic entry door. List Price $6,965  Sale  $5,585  NEW MARKDOWN $4,995

Sparta Lot


10 x 20 Campground Cabin with bathroom. List $20,175 SALE: 17,655



10 x 16 Ranch shed with roll pun door, metal roof, sky light, ramp Sale: $4,144 RTO $182.65/ month


10 x 16 Low Side Barn with Metal Roof List: $3,785 SALE: $3,425 RTO $150.56 / month

8 x 14 Quaker Shed with windows, shutters and trim package. List $3,685 SALE $3,425 RTO $150.56/ month

6 x 8 Chicken House on Sale for $1,950 RTO $85.72/ month


Dog House on Sale for $215


8 x 10 Low side barn with gray shingle roof,  List $2,280  SALE $2,250 Rent to own for $98.91 a month

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8 x 12 Economy Shed $2,100

10 x 14 Ranch shed with windows, metal roof, trim package and more List $3,895 SALE: $3,585 RTO for 157.59/ month


10 x 14 Low Side Barn with shingle roof and trim package also has a 4 x 10 loft and a couple on top. List $3,580 SALE $3,495 RTO $153.63/ month

12 x 20 Metal Ranch Shed with Roll up Door, sky light, ramp List: $6,655 SALE: $6,255 RTO for $274.96/ month

10 x 16 High Side Barn with loft, sky light trim package and more. List $4,380 SALE: 3,985 RTO price $175.17/ month

West Salem Lot

NEW STYLE!!  8 x 10 Playhouse with all the bells and whistles! On SALE for $2,850 Rent to Own for $125.28/ month!

12 x 18 Metal High Side Barn with roll up door, side entry door with keyed lock, metal roof, 4 x 12 loft List: $6,585 SALE: $6,205 RTO for 272.76/ month


8 x 10 Ranch Shed with metal roof, painted tan and sky light List $2,515 SALE $2,330

8 x 12 Ranch shed with metal roof List: $2,715 SALE: $2,515 RTO for $110.56/ month


Spring Green Lot                                                           



10 x 18 Ranch shed with dormer, double doors, windows, shutters and crescent star List: $5,140 SALE: $4,560                  * Rent to Own for $200 a month


10 x 16 Ranch shed with roll up door and side entry door, metal roof, ramp, sky light List: $4,810 SALE: $4,485                 * Rent to Own for $197 a month



8 x 10 Playhouse with play loft. List $2,995   SALE: $2,850                                    * Rent to Own for $125 a month

Outhouse Kits:

Can be shipped to all states exempt Hawaii and Alaska

Modular 4 x 4  Outhouse Kits – LIST: $1,495

Sale Pricing:

$1,300+ tax  for Shop Pickup Located in Bangor, Wisconsin – this is an outhouse kit that is on a pallet and clear wrapped

* $1,400  With Shipping Box  –  this is an outhouse that has a shipping box made for it so it does not get damaged during the shipping process – the sale price does not include shipping to your property .  * Plus Shipping to your property

Two colors Smokehouse Brown  or  Crabby Apple Red

All prices subject to change without notice

  • Rent to own pricing based on 48 month rental
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