June Special:

  1. FREE Delivery within 30 miles of Sparta /La Crosse/Holmen / Winona
  2. FREE Metal Roof Upgrade

No credit check  – Rent to Own on all Sheds 

Model Sheds on Sale:


8 x 14 Ranch with two windows and shutters on the side, 5′ double door, X trim with gray metal roof painted dark gray with white trim List: $3,485 SALE: $3,160 Rent to Own: $129/ month


10 x 12 Ranch shed with brown metal roof, smart side siding and trim painted Navy with white trim, two windows List: $3,445 SALE: $3,110 Rent to Own: $127/ Month


10 x 16 High Side Barn with Gray metal roof, exterior painted gray with white trim, 5′ double door with X trim, 4×10 Loft and sky light. List: $4,400 SALE: $4,005 Rent to Own: $403/ Month


12 x 24 Metal garage 4×12 Loft, 8×7 roll up door, 8″ ramp, steel entry door with window and keyed lock, treated floor, metal roof List $7,760 Sale: $7,510 Rent to Own: $305/ Month


10 x 16  Metal Economy Shed with Skylight  and keyed lock.  –  Light Gray  with Charcoal roof and trim-     SALE: $3,405 Rent to Own: $139/ Month


JUST IN -Tan – 10 x 16 Economy Metal Ranch Shed with 3×3 Skylight and Keyed lock Tan with brown trim and brown roof. SALE: $3,405 Rent to Own: $139/ Month


JUST IN – 10 x 18 Ranch with LP Lap siding, metal roof, 2 windows, shutters, treated floor Sale: $4,925 Rent to Own: $200/ Month


10 x 20 Campground Cabin with electric, toilet and sink, insulated, loft, covered porch, metal roof, pine side interior, steel entry door with lock, railing, shutters, lighting and ceiling fan, rustic screen door.



10 x 16 Campground Cabin with built in bunk beds, electric, Log Siding, metal roof, steel entry door, insulated, pine interior finish with wall heater. SOLD




NEW – 8 x 12 Slant Shed with metal roof, smart side siding, two color paint Rent to Own: $109/ Month  –  SALE: $2,680


10 x 14 Ranch Shed window and work bench and window  on back wall              Own: $146/ Month   SALE: $3,590


10 x 16 Ranch Shed with side and utility door. 1 window, shutters, metal roof  Rent to Own: $155/ Month      SALE: $3,820


8 x 8 Ranch Shed with 6 windows and metal roof   RTO: $105/ Month             SALE: $2,590 


8 x 10 Ranch shed with side door and window, three color paint on smart side siding, metal roof. SALE: $2,475            RTO $100/ MONTH


12 x 18 Deluxe Ranch Shed with 12′ dormer, special trim package and windows  RTO: $275/ Month                                       SALE:$6,765  


Barn Style  DOG HOUSE   30″ x 40″ with chain tie up, painted LP siding, metal roof, treated floor Price: $275  – can be ordered with Insulation for $365


GABLE DOG HOUSE  24″ x 40″  LP siding painted – metal roof, chain tie, treated floor  Price:   $225 can be ordered with insulation for $300

Barn Sheds:


10 x 12 Barn shed with shingle roof and end door  RTO: $116/Month –                 Sale: $2,850


8x 12 Barn Shed with brown shingle roof and red paint. SALE: $2,280 Rent to Own $93.00/ Month

Quaker Sheds:


10 x 14 Quaker Shed with two windows and special trim package SALE: $3,570  Rent to Own: $145/ Month

Economy Gable Sheds:

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 11.31.40 AM copy

8 x 12 Economy Shed with brown metal roof, smart side siding – unpainted – with back window RTO: $99/Month   Sale Price: $2,425

Animal Shelters:


12 x 20 Animal Shelter with 8′ room Light tan with brown roof and feed bunk  RTO: $202/Month  Sale Price: $4,960


10 x 16 Workshop with metal roof, windows side entry door Sale: $4,595 Rent to Own: $115/ Month


FullSizeRender-50 copy

14 x 24 Workshop with covered porch, steel entry door, two lofts and extra high side walls, New Markdown $12,200 Rent to Own: $495/ Month

Modular 4 x 4 Outhouse Kits – brown or red on sale  $1,200


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