Black Bear Lodge

16’x 40′ Solid White Pine Log Cabin.

The Black Bear Lodge a real solid log cabin.

One bedroom, large bathroom with walk in shower, vanity and area for stackable washer and dryer, Hickory kitchen cabinets, dinning area, large open living room.

The Black Bear Lodge has a full size refrigerator, stove and microwave. A 200 amp electric service, plumbing, spray foam insulated vaulted ceiling, large windows, amber lighting and more.

This beautiful real log cabin can be used as a weekend retreat or a full time home.

Model can be seen at the Sparta Display Lot Model is on sale for $105,000

2017 Black Bear Lodge Layout A

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The Black Bear Lodge


The Black Bear Lodge has a full bathroom with walk in shower, private bedroom with closet, galley kitchen with Hickory cabinets, dinning area and open living room, valted ceiling, finished vinyl floor, insulation, electric and lighting


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